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“As the island was developing touristically, our company was evolving”

Autobuses Mesa is an absolute solid company and an example in the world of transporting passengers, both on the island of La Gomera as well as outside. At the moment, it is one of the companies with the biggest impact on the island and does not stop renewing in its sector. To get to know the history a bit, we talk to Domingo Mesa, one of the owners.

“My company has been a family business for 50 years. In the year 1987 we, the brothers, created an association. But the origins of the company came from much earlier; from when the canned factory in La Rajita was still operative and when there was a lot of movement in the upper region of La Gomera, in the area of Chipude, which is our village”.

"Mi padre tenía unos microbuses y transportaba a la gente desde Rajita a Vallehermoso"

“Our drive for the transport has been established long time ago. My father had a few minibuses and transported people from La Rajita to Vallehermoso. My father was a postman, and he delivered letters and transported people. He never devoted himself to tourism. Autobuses Mesa is set up by the children”.

“We transported persons and goods, especially groceries. The people went shopping in Vallehermoso and you almost had to adapt the vehicle, so that the people had enough space to also transport the groceries”.

“Then the island changed. The island began to change, when the tourists arrived, when they started to build Hotel Tecina, and some apartments in Valle Gran Rey. We already saw then that there was an economic level here, a way and an opportunity to live from it”.

“Then we started to change the vehicles: the smaller minibuses for something bigger. And we started transporting tourists to the hotels. As the island was developing touristically, our company was evolving."

“In the beginning, my brothers and I, started with an association! And look at us now! Nowadays, we are a transport company and a reservation center. We work directly with our clients. We have an online reservation website, and we offer mainly excursions, transfers and we transport clients”.

“Bit by bit we expanded and now, apart from what is the transfer (we have a service that transports the customer directly from Tenerife airport to the island of La Gomera), we are also dedicated to transport the customers directly from Europe to La Gomera, through the travel agency”.

"I like my folks and I want to participate in the care of the environment and the island...”

“At the moment we have a fleet of 60 vehicles, including buses, minibuses, special vehicles and VIP vehicles, so we can adapt to different types of customers and their needs”.

Your connection to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism began in the first period of the company´s accreditation process.

“I decided to join the CETS because I like my island, I like my folks and I want to participate in the care of the environment and the island. And also I want to learn, especially learn. Understand more how to handle sustainable tourism. We are working on it, trying to transmit to the drivers and the tourists how and why we need to take care of the environment”.

Within the action plan of Autobuses Mesa, Domingo emphasizes its commitment to the renewal and technological improvements in the vehicles, but always placing the quality first.

“Our main goal is the customer. What the customer desires we want to offer. We have luxury vehicles, luxury buses, GPS tracker with all the benefits this entails, limousines and vehicles adapted for wheelchairs. We also have, as a novelty, convertible buses to enjoy the most of the island's scenery. All these are the company´s efforts; to live up to, not get stuck but always innovate; pursue a continuous improvement and learn from the things we are not so good at, or we can improve”.

Being part of the CETS has had a positive effect on your company.

“To me personally, it is a positive development, in my growth as an entrepreneur. But also the relationship with the other companies. To develop positively in caring for the island, environmental education for myself and my employees”.

“I have always had a special affection for the environment where I live in, which is logical, but this makes me more aware of where we are and value it even more”.

“The CETS business network is expanding, but it is worth it. It is important to have many companies in La Gomera that are included in the European Charter to work together and develop. It is very important, fundamental, I would say. Above all, for the economy of the island”.


Company: Autobuses Mesa.

Activity: Transporte.

Address: Avda. Quinto Centenario, nº4 (Edificio Mango, Local 11). San Sebastián de La Gomera.

Company involved with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (La Gomera).

More information: http://gomeraexperience.es/planifica/aeropuerto-tenerife-la-gomera.html