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Víctor García -Hotel Bar Sonia-: "I like to pay attention to details".

Sonia Hotel is located in la Plaza de Chipude, a strategic area at the centre La Gomera Island. It is a perfect arrival and departure point for exploring the island through trails, bicycle routes, or car rides. In addition to a pleasant stay, it has a restaurant where you can enjoy an authentic meal, in a unique environment.

Today we are going to interview Víctor as one of the owners, to know more about this emblematic Chipude business and the island.

“We first started as a bar-store, just like almost all businesses in La Gomera in those days. In 1981, my parents started to run the business. After the bar, they built a small boarding house on top of the bar, with seven rooms and two bathrooms and in 1996 we decided to have a Hotel. As a result of this change, we recorded a significant progress in terms of quality. Ten years ago my sister and I decided to take over the business and relieve our parents to create our company with a fresh impetus. Both in decision-making and investments as well as all aspects of tourism. To offer quality services to tourists for them to return. What matters is !hard work!, as I usually say”.

Firstly, we started as a bar-shop, just like almost all the businesses in La Gomera in those days.

“Our company is totally familiar, and we are now the new generation".



“Hotel Sonia also have a restaurant, where we offer a typical Canarian meal and, of course, La Gomera, with quality products. We harvest our own wine, vegetables, potatoes, etc. We have a farm in La Dama, where we grow mostly potatoes and vegetables, and we have another farm in el Barranco de los Manantiales with a vineyard".



“We have been operating for 36 years and we are doing well. The good thing is that I like my job. It requires handwork, but I like it, honestly. I divert people’s attention. I like giving without anyone asking. I always want to offer the best quality services, within the prices that I can offer".

“Our goal is to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our clients when they visit our Hotel such that they will always want to return. Our Hotel is located in a small Chipude site, with less than 150 inhabitants".

“Currently, our Hotel has 19 rooms, 3 triples, 2 singles, and the remaining 14 are double rooms. Each room has a bathroom, heating system, double glazing window, and Wi-Fi network".



Its relationship with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism began in the second period of business accreditation.

“I had knowledge of the European Charter because I heard about other companies, such as Autobuses Mesa, which I have a very good relationship with Domingo, because this company also emerged in Chipude. As a result of some meetings and advice of Conchy Fagundo, of the Park, we decided to enter, and that is where we started. I have little time to address these issues because I am running 2 businesses at the same time, the hotel and the restaurant, in addition to managing and logistics, I also work. But 90% of the island's businesses operate similarly; the boss is also a worker. And that is why they are doing well. I believe that La Gomera Island is running touristy because most of their businesses are managed by their owners".

“Talking about 5 star hotels, I have clients who told me that the services they received here, they have not received it in 5 star hotels. I like paying attention to details".

One of the outstanding actions of its action plan is the commitment to energy efficiency, through the use of LED bulbs, installing more energy efficient appliances and the double glaze windows and doors to improve the heating of the Hotel.



“The double glazing has been a very important investment, but we believe it is key to reducing energy consumption in heating, especially during the winter months".

It also emphasizes its commitment to personalized customer service.

“YBefore a group people arrive, I ask them if any of them will celebrate their birthday soon or I observe them carefully, and I give them a little cake as a gift. Clients are very happy with these details. This because as you are coming to La Gomera from Germany, you are surprised with a birthday cake".

“I have a lot of repeat clients, that's why the business is doing well".

Belonging to the CETS is seen as as something positive.

“Regarding advertisement, I think people come to visit the Park because they value the company. And also because other CETS companies recommend my establishment, or the visit to Chipude. That has been of great help to me. In addition to the advertisement on the internet, social networks, etc., which is today fundamental for the business. The tourism that visits us commits to sustainability, it is a clean tourism. The quality of tourism in La Gomera now, can only be found in very few parts of Europe. We have a tourism that comes with money, a tourism of peace and tranquility. It is civic, educative and respectful. That is why we have to improve the quality of our services to meet our customers’ needs".




Company: Hotel Sonia

Activity: Accomodation and restaurant

Address: Plaza de Chipude, Vallehermoso.

Telephone: +34 922.80.41.58